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Appellate Work


Your case is not over after the trial is done. If your case did not go as you had hoped during trial, then you may need the help of an experienced criminal appellate attorney to represent you in Alabama appellate courts. Carmen Howell has extensive experience with criminal and civil appeals. She has handled appeals in criminal cases before the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals and the Alabama Supreme Court, and she has represented clients in oral argument before the Court of Criminal Appeals in the landmark chemical endangerment of a child cases. Each criminal appeal is unique and will have different issues. Please call (334) 475-2438 today to schedule a free consultation with Carmen Howell to discuss your appeal options.

Domestic Relations

If you have recently gone through a divorce trial, a trial of a modification of your divorce decree, or a paternity or child support trial, and you are not happy with the result, you may need to appeal that decision. The decisions of a trial court may be appealed to the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals. You may also be able to petition the Alabama Supreme Court to review your appeal if you are not successful with the Court of Civil Appeals. Carmen Howell has successfully handled numerous appeals in divorces and child support cases with both the Court of Civil Appeals and the Alabama Supreme Court.

Issues that may be involved in an appeal involving divorce, custody, or paternity are wide ranging and include: Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support, Visitation or Parenting Time, Modifications of Divorce of Custody orders, Property Division and Division of Retirement. These issues are decided at the trial court level by a judge and not a jury. There are stringent time limits for filing an appeal. You should not delay in contacting an experienced appellate attorney for guidance. Carmen Howell has years of experience successfully handling Alabama appeals. Call (334) 475-2438 today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your appeal.