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Juvenile Law

The state of Alabama recognizes a parent’s primary responsibility to provide for children and nurture them into a successful adult life. However, if a parent is having difficulty meeting this responsibility, family members or often the local Department of Human Resources (“DHR”) may use the Juvenile Court to intervene to protect a child while trying to help parents get back on their feet. Whether you are a friend or relative of a parent, or you are a parent defending your rights in Juvenile Court, Carmen Howell can assist you in protecting your rights and helping you provide for the safety and well-being of a child in need of care and protection. Ms. Howell has extensive experience practicing in juvenile court handling dependency cases and termination of parental rights proceedings. She has assisted parents in dealing with DHR, and has also represented grandparents and other friends or relatives in obtaining custody of children whose parents were unable or unwilling to care for them. Ms. Howell practices in all south Alabama juvenile courts including Coffee, Pike, Dale, Geneva, Covington and other surrounding counties.

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